Re-activating our Patreon

We’re reactivating our Patreon (

NOTE: If you are already a member, you have not been charged for the inactive months. The next charge will be on March 1st, 2022.

Updates (click here to signup/manage membership)

  1. We’re eliminating the $2 tier.
  2. If you’re at $2/month you will need to UPGRADE for access or CANCEL as we’ll be deleting this tier at the end of February.
  3. For those currently on the $10 tier, at the moment there are NO ADDITIONAL BENEFITS above the $5 tier. Obviously please feel free to downgrade until we figure out additional benefits for the $10 tier.
  4. If you’re already a $5 or $10 patron there’s nothing you need to do — just look out for a new Patreon post with Discount code and link to past streams we’ve done.

Here’s what $5 or more gets you on Patreon:

  1. Access to archives of the Live Streams we’re doing on Private YouTube links will be provided shortly after the streams. These streams include Studio Sessions, Podcasts, Bus Call Watch parties, Song Breakdowns and more.
  2. 10% off all merch
  3. Occasional exclusive content like unreleased instrumental versions etc.
  4. Access to a Patreon only Discord channel (
Patreon only discord channel

Subscribing on Patreon vs Twitch:

  1. Twitch Subscription gives you ad-free access to the Live Stream. (Sorry there is no way right now for us to enable this for Patreon).
  2. Patreon archives last longer. Twitch subscriber archives only last, at most 60 days.
  3. Only Patreon gives you access to #the-patrons Discord channel.
  4. Same price, but we make more from Patreon for what it’s worth.
  5. Only Patreon gets merch discount.
Whatever option you choose, definitely at least follow on twitch (free)

Thanks for all the support and look forward to seeing you on a stream!

  • The KONGOS Brothers



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KONGOS is a rock band of four brothers. “Who? Oh I think I’ve heard that song. Never knew who it was.”